The Traditional Anglers of Pennsylvania
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4 Sherry Lane   Portage, PA 15946

Since June 1995

Rainbow Trout: Painting in .JPG Title: Five Hundred Fascinating Animal Stories (1895)
Author: Miles, Alfred H.
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Publisher: Christian Herald Press

The Traditional Anglers of Pennsylvania is dedicated to live bait fishing and equal access for all.  We will continue to promote, protect, and preserve all waterways of Pennsylvania.         

Since June 1995, the following has taken place:
T.A.P. along with the PA Fish and Boat Commission, sponsored a Casting and Fishing Demonstration at the annual Portage Summerfest, held August 12-13 at the Portage Park.  The rods and reels received very heavy use from the kids.  Jason Skelly of Portage won the rod and reel outfit that was donated by T.A.P.
T.A.P. provided a float for the annual Portage Summerfest Parade and placed third in the float division. 
Commissioner Donald Anderson of the PA Fish and Boat Commission was the speaker for our August meeting.  He discussed the need of a fishing license increase.  He also asked for T.A.P.'s input for the new proposed special regulations for the Little Juniata River.  T.A.P. suggested to him that the Little Juniata should be regulated the same as the Penns Creek Trophy Trout Section - that being two trout, 14" inches long, can be legally killed per day, with no tackle restrictions from the opening day of trout season to Labor Day.  From Labor Day to the opening day of trout season, no trout may be killed and no tackle restrictions apply. Commissioner Anderson thanked us for our input.
T.A.P. now has its own fish floats for stocking trout thanks to the relatives of Elwood Pauli.  They donated money to be used in his memory.  Elwood was a member of this organization from its beginning.   He passed away recently and will be sadly missed.
The summer was hot and dry.  The Forest Hills Trout Co-Op of which T.A.P. is a member lost over 2500 trout because of these weather conditions.  The fish commission will replace all but the trout we held over.
T.A.P. joined the West Branch of the Susquehanna River Rescue.  this organization is concerned with cleaning up the acid mine drainage in the river.  T.A.P. also joined PA Cleanways of Cambria County.   This organization deals with environmental problems such as illegal dumps, taking care of unwanted refrigerators, stoves, hot water heaters, etc. etc..
For those who want to mark their calendars ahead, May 18, 1996 is the second annual free Traditional Anglers of Pennsylvania, kids 12 and under Fishing Derby.
Anyone wanting to buy T.A.P. T-Shirts, contact us at:  T.A.P. 4 Sherry Lane, Portage, PA 15946.  Please include size and with or without pocket.  Approximate cost of T-Shirt, $10.00
T.A.P. attended the public meeting held by the PA Fish and Boat Commission in Huntingdon, PA concerning the proposed special regulations on the Little Juniata River on December 18, 1996.  T.A.P. voted in favor of the new regulations.  They are the same regulations that were discussed with Commissioner Anderson at our August meeting.
T.A.P. joined the Cambria County Federation of Sportsman.
T.A.P. stocked Noel's Creek and Benscreek on December 16, 1996.  Each stream received 200 rainbows and 13 palomino trout each.   A big thank you goes out to all the kids and members who came out in the cold to stock these fish.  We float and bucket stocked each stream; it was a job well done.
T.A.P. is currently selling buttons ($1.00) and hats (Winter $6.00) for fund raising.


T.A.P. meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.  Meeting places:  from  May through September at the Wild Cherry Inn Picnic Pavilion and October to April, meetings will be held at the Benscreek Social Club.  Both meeting places are in the Portage Area.

We are seeking the support and co-operation of other outdoor sportsmen and environmental organizations.   Donations, contributions, and memberships (Adult$5.00 annual, Junior $2.50 annual) and other information about T.A.P. can be obtained by contacting:

Dan Pfeilstucker, President
4 Sherry Lane
Portage, PA 15946