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Open Letter to
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The Traditional Anglers of Pennsylvania is dedicated to live bait fishing and equal access for all. We will continue to promote, protect, and preserve all waters of Pennsylvania.

Dear T.A.P. Members,

Since December 2002 the following has taken place:
Winter stocking of trout by T.A.P. went well. Cold and snow hampered the guys getting fish in the truck as well as, into local streams. "Thank You" for all the people who helped stock the trout.

An informal meeting at the Benscreek Social Club regarding the possible closing of the ReynoldsdaIe Fish Hatchery was held by T.A.P. Representative Gary Haluska, Representative Dick Hess, Commissioner Stidd, Commissioner Anderson from the P A Fish and Boat Commission, employees from Reynoldsdale Fish Hatchery and local sportsmen from the area were in attendance. Many ideas and suggestions were heard from the audience on how we could keep the hatchery open. Both the State representatives and the fish commissioners said that they would do everything possible to keep the facility open. As of this newsletter the hatchery is still open.

Forest Hills Trout Co-op held their annual raffle and prize give away and it was a success. T.A.P. is a member of this organization. Thanks for all who helped.

Trout were stocked in Kane Run and Trout Run for the first day of trout season.

T.A.P. stocked over 3300 trout from it's Kane Run Nursery, plus, over 800 trout from the Forest Hills Nursery. Streams on the stocking list are: Kane Run, Trout Run, Noels Creek and Benscreek.

Portage Area School Students and T.A.P. members joined together on "Earth Day" to clean litter from Kane Run. After the students cleaned the creek, they stocked trout from the T.A.P. Nursery in Kane Run. It was a job well done and we appreciate the help.

Officers of the Traditional Anglers of Pennsylvania for 2003-2004: 

President: Dan Pfeilstucker
Vice President: Art Noel
Secretary: Brad Stager
Treasurer: Pat Pfeilstucker
Fund Raiser: Dennis Long
Member at Large: Art Flynn
Trustee: Carl Rosenberger
Trustee: Bob Batche

T.A.P.' s annual Kids Free Fishing Derby was held on May 17, 2003. Over 700 Brook, Rainbow and Palomino trout were stocked for the 250 kids that registered to catch them. Many prizes were handed out and the kids had a great time. The Traditional Anglers of Pennsylvania would like to thank all the volunteers who helped, and all who donated prizes and money for this event.

On selected Saturdays beginning in May and ending in September the Traditional Anglers of Pennsylvania will be holding Chicken Bar B Ques across from the Bowling Alley on RT. 53. Watch for signs on Main Street and on RT. 53. We make the greatest chicken.

Portage Summerfest was the scene for the Traditional Anglers of Pennsylvania's Casting and Fishing Demonstration held at Portage Park for kids 16 and under. The kids had a great time trying to hit the bulls-eye. Many prizes were given away.

A pole roof was constructed over the entire length of the T.A.P. Nursery. Dedicated T.A.P. volunteers used their skills to make this project look great. THANKS MEMBERS.

The annual "Youth Field Day" held by the Portage Coalition of Sportsmen on September 27, 2003 had over 80 kids participate for this event. T.A.P. is a member of this organization. They learned how to shoot shotgun, .22 rifles, muzzleloaders and bows. The kids got first hand experience on how to safely hunt turkeys. The hit of the day was the "Black Bear" the Pennsylvania Game Commission brought for the kids to see and learn about. After all that, they turned to anglers to catch some of the trout the coalition stocked for them.

For the first time ever, T.A.P. will be stocking the Little Conemaugh River in Cassandra. Watch for time and dates in the Portage paper.

T.A.P. has an on-going affiliation with the following organizations: PA Clean Ways, Trout Run Improvement Project, Stoneycreek Conemaugh River Improvement Project (S.C.R.I.P.), West Branch Susquehanna River Rescue, Conemaugh Valley Conservancy, Pennsylvania League of Angling Youth (P.L.A.Y.), Portage Coalition of Sportsmen, Forest Hills Trout Co-Op and the Beaverdam Conservation Group.

T.A.P. meetings are now rotating because of the President's work schedule. Meeting locations are as follows: May through September at the Kane Run Trout Nursery and October through April at the Benscreek Social Club. Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m.

We continue to seek the support and cooperation of other outdoor sportsmen and environmental organizations and interested individuals. 

Information regarding donations, contributions, and T.A.P. memberships (Adult $5.00, Juniors $2.50 annual) and other information about T.A.P. can be obtained by contacting:

Danny Pfeilstucker, President 
4 Sherry Lane 
Portage, PA 15946






Copyright 2001 The Traditional Anglers of Pennsylvania
All Rights Reserved
4 Sherry Lane
Portage, PA 15946

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